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Ordinance 6093 was like an ambush attack.

This ordinance seemed to pop out of nowhere in late November 2018 (after the October 2018 city council election).

The Fairbanks citizens never saw it coming. They never had a chance to ask the candidates for the Fairbanks city council about it, and never had a chance to weigh in at the ballot box regarding this issue.

The prime sponsor for ordinance 6093 (Katherine Ottersten), ran for the Fairbanks City Council for the first time in October 2018 and won. But the Sep. 21, 2018 Fairbanks Daily News-Miner in-depth article about this candidate, did not say anything about a plan to introduce a monumental ordinance like 6093. This is because hardly anyone knew about such a seemingly secret plan. This candidate had arrived in Fairbanks recently, in 2016. Katherine Ottersten ran for a city council seat that was vacated by the previous council member before the end of its term. So, instead of the normal 3 year term, the seat that she won only lasted for 1 year. She could have ran for reelection to that seat (for a full 3-year term) in Oct. 2019, but decided not to.

Anchorage - similar ordinance

Anchorage on the other hand, had 3 years to think about a similar ordinance.
In 2012, an attempt to subjugate Anchorage with a sexual orientation anti- discrimination ordinance was attempted with a citizen’s ballot initiative. But fortunately, that ballot initiative was voted down by the citizens.

But then, 3 years later, in 2015, such an anti- discrimination ordinance was passed by the Anchorage Assembly. This is unfortunate, because such an ordinance takes away basic human freedoms from people (the freedom to choose what you want).

But at least the people of Anchorage had a chance to weigh in at the ballot box, and had a chance to see what was knocking at their door, and had a chance to talk to candidates for the Anchorage Assembly about the issue.

Anchorage is now on its way to becoming a crime ridden, drug infested hell-hole (in my opinion). This is not at all due to the existence of gay people. But I do see a correlation between the existence of an evil law that condones armed robbery (suing innocent people and trying to forcibly extract their hard-earned money with the aid of the government gun), and evil at large in the general population (theft, murders, etc.).

I do not want to see Fairbanks become a hell-hole.

Powerful radio ad campaign from out of state.

I believe thousands of dollars were being pumped into Fairbanks from powerful outside interests to hypnotize the people of Fairbanks, with a barrage of radio ads, to lure them into passively submitting to this freedom-robbing ordinance (6093).

The radio ad, put out by the “Gill Foundation” starts out with soft background music and starts out by saying:

“As humans, we ask ourselves all kinds of questions. But what if we were forced to ask ourselves a question, every day, that affected the outcome of the most basic things. The most important things in our lives. The question is, what is your sexual orientation or gender identity?”

At another point the ad says:

The answer is the difference between receiving medical treatment or not.”

I have never heard of someone being denied medical treatment because of their sexual orientation. I think the radio ad is very misleading.

This ad started playing on the radio in Fairbanks, in November or December of 2018.

It seemed to me, to be carefully coordinated with the sudden and unexpected introduction of the sweeping anti-discrimination ordinance (6093). This ordinance seemed to spring out of nowhere on Dec. 10, 2018.  It seemed like a carefully planned ambush.

Ordinance 6093 was passed on Feb. 25, 2019 by a 4 to 2 vote of the Fairbanks City Council.

Fairbanks City Council vote for Ordinance No. 6093 on Feb. 25, 2019
Council member nameSEATYES
Shoshana KunAY
June RogersBY
Valerie TherrienCY
Katherine OtterstenDYPrime sponsor
Jerry CleworthEN
David PruhsFN

But many people felt that the people of Fairbanks should have the right to vote on such an ordinance before being subjugated by it.

The present city mayor agreed, and vetoed it on March 1, 2019 so as to give the people more time to review it and have a chance to vote on it.

The 4 original left-leaning proponents of ordinance 6093 launched an all-out effort to override the veto, but fell one vote short (5 votes were needed).

The Radio Ad barrage mentioned above, kept on playing in Fairbanks even after the Oct. 2019 city election for city mayor  and 2 city council members. But then in about March of 2020, the ad seemed to suddenly stop playing on the radio.

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