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Fairbanks Alaska was nearly subjugated by a sweeping anti-discrimination ordinance (#6093). It came down to one single vote at the Fairbanks city council on March 11, 2019. 

Dragon over River

Ordinance 6093 was passed by a left-leaning majority on the 6-member council (4-2 vote) on Feb. 25, 2019. Voting for it were: Shoshana Kun, June Rogers, Valerie Therrien and Katherine Ottersten.

Back on March 1, 2019, the city mayor decided to veto ordinance 6093, so that all the people could have a chance to vote on it, as a ballot measure.

The 4 original proponents launched an all out effort to override the veto on March 11, 2019 but fell one vote short. They needed 5 votes.

For our 118 year history, we people of Fairbanks have been free to choose what we want.
We are the "Golden Heart City" because we are free to be friendly, open minded and accepting in a voluntary way. We don't need the government bayonet to be prodding our behavior with the threat of punishments and lawsuits.
Local businesses have enough to worry about just staying afloat, without worrying about shakedowns from disgruntled employees and predatory, opportunistic lawyers.

This proposed city ordinance (# 6093) targeting the people and businesses of Fairbanks, is unnecessary, intrusive, burdensome and authoritarian.

The proposed ordinance 6093 prohibits private Fairbanks businesses from discriminating in employment, public accommodation and housing rentals, if such discrimination is based on “race, color, age, religion, sex, marital status, changes in marital status, pregnancy, parenthood, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, ethnicity or national origin.”

Most of these categories are already covered in federal or state law.
The new categories which are not covered in existing State of Alaska or federal (congressionally passed) law, are “sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression”.

These 3 LGBT catagories (above) directed at private businesses, are covered in the laws of about 20 states, but not in the State of Alaska statutes. They are also not covered by legislation passed by Congress. Proponents of such a nation-wide law, such as the "Employment Non-Discrimination Act" (ENDA) have been trying to get such a law through Congress since 1994 but have never quite made it. This is because it is a bad law, in my view, and should not be passed at the federal level.

The U.S. Supreme Court made a surprising and terrible decision on June 15, 2020, (by a 6 to 3 vote) by saying that anti-discrimination measures for sexual orientation are now in effect nationwide, due to their twisted and stretched interpretation of the word "sex" in the 1964 Civil Rights Act, by 6, of the 9 justices. The word "sex" strictly meant "gender" (man or woman). It had nothing to do with sexual preferences in the bedroom.


In spite of the erroneous, tortured and skewed Supreme Court (6-3) interpretation which effects the whole nation, Fairbanks should still resist the adoption of a 6093 type ordinance, so as to retain the principle of freedom for our golden heart city. Hopefully the awful and absurd Supreme Court interpretation and decision can be corrected in the future.

All anti-discrimination laws (whether federal or state) directed at the private sector are wrong, in my opinion, in that they attack a person’s basic human right to choose what they want.
For instance, a person should have a fundamental right to choose to only patronizeMcDonalds restaurants, and to discriminate against Carl’s Jr. Or vice versa.

The Federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (passed in 1967)
is an example of a bad anti-discrimination law directed at the private sector.
I (the writer of this pamphlet) do not like this law, even though I am old (age 67).
This federal law supposedly “protects” people over the age of 40. But it actually hurts older people like me, because it makes it harder for an old person to get a job,  
because it makes a prospective employer worried about a lawsuit if he has to get rid of me in the future. This burdensome law should be repealed.

I would never file a lawsuit (backed by the government gun) for perceived "age discrimination", because I respect the property rights and personal freedoms of other people (including employers). Such a lawsuit would be equivalent to armed robbery.

The proposed city ordinance 6093, with its "age" category, just heaps more burden onto old people, here in Fairbanks.

As I age (I'm 67 right now), I recognize that I will become weaker and slower. If I am 90-years-old doing laboring work on a job site, I may find that I can only do about 80% of the physical output that a younger person can do. An employer would prefer to hire the younger person at $20 per hour than to hire me at $20 per hour. My remedy is to offer to charge him only 80% ($16 per hour). I could even give him extra enticement by proposing a wage of $15 per hour. That would be an extra dollar of profit in his pocket.
   I can do free-wheeling bargaining in a free society. But if we are in a fascist /socialist/ left-wing "progressive" society that is hamstrung with all sorts of burdensome regulations, equal pay laws, medical coverage laws, disability accommodation laws and anti-discrimination edicts, then the potential employer will be afraid to hire me, and will tell me that he "might get back to me if something comes up", but then quietly overlook my application. Then if I'm poor, I might just have to go on the public dole and become a ward of the state.
   But in a free society, the employer won't be afraid to hire me, because he can fire me next week if I don't work out. He may find that in spite of my 90-year-old feebleness, that I'm worth more than he thought, because I may have experience and some skills that the younger person does not have. He may raise my pay to above $15 per hour to try to make sure I don't think about quitting too soon.

Gay people would also be hurt by ordinance 6093

because it would make them feared and resented. Admittedly, many gay and straight people have voiced support for 6093, but most of these are probably left-wingers.

What about gay people who are conservative, pro-freedom, pro-property rights, pro-Constitution and who can proudly stand on their own two feet? Such people would not want to be treated like lepers who need to be coddled and “protected” by an all powerful and oppressive government..

Such pro freedom gay people, who are talented, efficient, hard-working, businesslike and who can make money for the company do not need or want a terrible ordinance like 6093 that would make them feared and resented. They would rather be genuinely appreciated for their true value.

For 118 years, Fairbanks has gotten along just fine as the Golden Heart City, with our voluntary and open-minded good nature. We have been a city of pristine freedom. If ordinance 6093 passes, we will become the “Broken Heart City” under the yoke of the authoritarian/communist agenda.

Golden Heart seal of Fairbanks

Broken Heart seal of possible future
The Golden Heart seal -The Broken Heart seal symbolizes the loss of freedom to voluntarily choose to be fair and open minded. Liberty and free-will are replaced with government force, lawsuits and punishments.
  Ordinance 6093 might be reintroduced in the future and forced onto the people and businesses of Fairbanks. If there are 5 left-wingers on the 6 person council, then even a veto from the mayor could not stop it. Fairbanks
will then become a subjugated city. Or, if a left-leaning person is elected as city mayor in 2022, then only 3 left-wing city council members would be required to pass an ordinance like 6093. This is because in the case of a 3 to 3 tie on the 6 member council, the mayor will cast the tie breaking vote. 
symbolizes a good, friendly and fair-minded nature that comes from the hearts of a free people, in a voluntary fashion. The city seal also harkens back to the gold mining roots of Fairbanks in the interior of Alaska.
This is the present and long-time seal of the City of Fairbanks.
We the people should remain vigilant, and vote to preserve our freedoms and our golden heart seal.

Instead of our freedom of thought and freedom of choice being taken away by a mere 4 or 5 left-leaning individuals who have managed to get on the city council, all the people of Fairbanks should have the right to study and vote on ordinance 6093.

City Mayor Jim Matherly had wanted to to give the people of Fairbanks this opportunity (back in 2019), but the proponents of 6093 have voiced opposition of it going to a vote of the people.

Many of the proponents of 6093 are clever and cunning. They know that the best way to slip in a freedom robbing ordinance like 6093 is for the candidates to not mention it in their campaign ads, but to instead be slipped into office under the cloak of a generic pablum platform, and then bring the hammer down, once they have been installed in office. 

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